Title V leaders and staff have an incredible opportunity with the transformation of the Block Grant to drive population level change with national performance measures (NPMs). At the same time, Block Grant transformation leverages local capacity to design, deliver and assess effective MCH programs that ‘move the needle’ on the NPMs. This opportunity brings with it the significant challenge of managing and maximizing resources to drive and sustain improvement. The Evidence-based Decision Making (EBDM) Core integrates the principles and processes of results-based accountability to ensure that the Title V workforce has the knowledge, skills and competencies to successfully meet this opportunity.

The EBDM Core’s approach provides a broad range of content and learning methods that integrate and optimize the combined expertise of Core partners. The EBDM Core’s approach links theory to practice, aligns content to respond to stage-appropriate needs, and integrates high quality training and support for real world application of evidence-based decision making practices. The EBDM Core will help Title V leaders and staff define and prepare the state and local staff that together will design, deliver, and improve selected evidence based interventions.