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National MCH Workforce Development Center Areas of Focus

Change Management/Adaptive Leadership

Training and supplementary applied workforce development in five areas: adaptive leadership; authentic leadership; workforce development leadership; leading teams; and population health and finance transformation.

Tools apply change management skills to real-world challenges, using individual and peer coaching in conjunction with topical trainings to ensure effective uptake of change principles.

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Evidence-Based Decision Making

Evidence provides the foundation for effective health transformation.

Integrate and optimize evidence-based decision making practices through real-world applications and content aligned with the team’s progress on their challenge. EBDM trainings help Title V leaders and staff design, deliver, and improve selected evidence based interventions.

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Systems Integration

Systems thinking tools to support collective impact. Systems Integration training considers avenues for cooperation and integration for MCH professionals within and outside Title V agencies.

Tools such as systems thinking, mapping, and improvement methods help Title V professionals build expertise for cross-sector collaboration.

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Systems Integration Knowledge Tools

The Center developed these resources with the knowledge that technical workforce skills and evidence-based strategies are not necessarily sufficient to move the needle on outcomes; contextual factors such as challenging political environments, lack of leadership support, funding insufficiency, lack of focus, and historically inequitable programs and outcomes also influence Title V’s ability to have an impact. The NPM Skills Documents serve as a resource for addressing these contextual factors with robust workforce capacity.

Tools are in Adobe Flash, which has been discontinued by several browsers. We are modifying the tools to be more accessible.

TitleTypeLevelLengthFormatTopicLinkNational MCH WDC Developed
Five-Minute Video: Causal Loop DiagramsPrimersBeginner5 minutesVideoCausal Loop DiagrammingLinkYes
Five-Minute Video: Circle of CarePrimersBeginner5 minutesVideoCircle of CareLink
Five-Minute Video: Concept MappingPrimersBeginner5 minutesVideoConcept MappingLinkYes
Five-Minute Video: Five RsPrimersBeginner5 minutesVideoFive RsLinkYes
Five-Minute Video: Network MappingPrimersBeginner5 minutesVideoNetwork MappingLinkYes
Five-Minute Video: Process Flow DiagrammingPrimersBeginner5 minutesVideoProcess Flow DiagrammingLinkYes
Five-Minute Video: SimulationPrimersBeginner5 minutesVideoSimulationLinkYes
Five-Minute Video: System Support MappingPrimersBeginner5 minutesVideoSystem Support MappingLinkYes
Five-Minute Video: Whole System MappingPrimersBeginner5 minutesVideoWhole System MappingLinkYes
Systems Thinking Tools and Principles for Collaboration and Problem-SolvingPrimersBeginner15 minutesTextSystems ThinkingLinkYes
Finding Leverage –The Power of Systems Thinking with Chris Soderquist PrimersBeginner5 minutesVideoSystems ThinkingLinkNo
Pipeline Course #1: SystemsCoursesBeginner30 minutesVideoSystems ThinkingLinkYes
Pipeline Course #2: System BehaviorCoursesBeginner30 minutesVideoSystems ThinkingLinkYes
Pipeline Course #3: Causal Loop DiagrammingCoursesBeginner30 minutesVideoCausal Loop DiagrammingLinkYes
Pipeline Course #4: Leverage Points and System ChangeCoursesBeginner30 minutesVideoSystems ThinkingLinkYes
Pipeline Course #5: Advanced Systems ChangeCoursesBeginner30 minutesVideoSystems ThinkingLinkYes
How to Use Vensim for Causal Loop DiagrammingToolsBeginner10 minutesVideoCausal Loop DiagrammingLinkYes
Vensim (free)ToolsExpertN/AProgramCausal Loop Diagramming, Stock and Flow DiagrammingLinkNo
Health Impact AssessmentsPrimersBeginner20 minutesVideoHealth Impact AssessmentsLinkYes
Network Analysis in MCH PracticePrimersBeginner30 minutesTextNetwork MappingLinkYes
Family Engagement in Systems Assessment Tool (FESAT)ToolsBeginnerN/AToolkitSystems Thinking, Family EngagementLinkNo (Family Voices)


System Support Mapper

The MCH System Support Mapper is an online interactive software tool for diagramming roles, responsibilities, needs, resources, and desires, and the relationships between them. Instructions to use the tool are available for download: System Support Maps_instructions_2015-04-17-2

Skills to Support the National Performance Measures

The Title V National Performance Measures (NPMs) guide MCH work and are integral to the Title V Block Grant. The National MCH Workforce Development Center developed skills and knowledge recommendations for the 15 NPMs (NPM 1, NPM 2, NPM 3, NPM 4, NPM 5, NPM 6, NPM 7, NPM 8, NPM 9, NPM 10, NPM 11, NPM 12, NPM 13, NPM 14, NPM 15) and one set of foundational skills needed for all measures.

Center Crosscutting Teams

Health Equity

The National MCH Workforce Development Center provides assistance for Title V agencies wishing to incorporate health equity into the planning and execution of their health transformation partnerships.

In addition, the Center Health Equity Team has partnered with MCH Navigator to make available trainings and resources to strengthen health equity efforts across Title V.

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Family Engagement

The Center provides training and resources for Title V agencies and partners to help engage and recruit family representatives to assist in designing and implementing solutions to healthcare transformation challenges.

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Family Engagement Resources

MCH Navigator

The Center and MCH Navigator partnership provides training and other resources to Title V professionals.

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Family Involvement

HRSA information center for news, information, and resources about family engagement at the Bureau and partner agencies.

AMCHP Family Engagement and Leadership

AMCHP provides surveys, case studies, and a list of resources for states and family members involved in maternal and child health family engagement.

Catalyst Center

The Catalyst Center is a national center dedicated to improving health care coverage and financing for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN).

Family Voices

Family Voices is a national, nonprofit, family-led organization promoting quality health care for all children and youth, particularly those with special health care needs.