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Cohort Experience

“We planned and strategized more deeply as a team because we had a framework and tools by which to do that. […] When we’re mapping our networks really intentionally and thinking about where we have power and influence, I think we are able to plan more deeply and more effectively.”
– Eric, Indiana Office of Public Health Performance Management

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Customized Workforce Development

  • Do you have a particular problem or challenge that could benefit from an expert eye?
  • Have you been struggling to navigate all of the transformations happening in health and health care?
  • Do you have a “wicked” problem or complex challenge that might benefit from tailored workforce development and ongoing support?

The Cohort Experience provides guidance and structured support to help your team move from the ‘current state’ to the ‘desired state’ on an MCH health priority challenge of your choice.

Accepted teams will participate in a 7-month Cohort with other state/jurisdictional teams, working with the Center to support your work on an existing (or planned) transformational challenge.

Apply to join the 2021 Cohort here!

Cohort Experience Impact

Since 2014, 46 states and jurisdictions have participated in the full cohort experience. Participants report increased confidence in their skills and ability to advance their projects.

Evaluation Poll - Title V skills

In addition to feeling an increase in their team’s ability and confidence, cohort participants report that their work with the Center increased their ability to recruit and work effectively with partner organizations and family representatives both directly on the project and in other areas.

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Cohort 2020 Celebrates Their Success

The National MCH Workforce Development Center helps teams from state and jurisdictional Title V agencies develop and implement projects aimed at improving the health of families and communities. Although the 2020 Cohort began just before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, State Teams persevered in working on their projects while coping with the extra demands of the pandemic and challenges of transitioning to remote work.

View the presentations here.

Featured Project

Rhode Island Cohort 2015 Causal Loop Diagram
Rhode Island Cohort 2015 participants create a causal loop diagram to help visualize the scope and challenges of their project

Rhode Island

Challenge: Create a statewide network of community-based health workers (to act as liaisons between their communities and health and social service agencies and providers.

Project Results: Rhode Island implemented a Certification for Community Health Workers (CHWs).

Outcome: There are now 232 CHWs working across the state.

CHWs work in a variety of roles across the healthcare system. As one example, the Home Asthma Response Program use of CHWs for home visits led to families reporting a 62% decrease in missed work days for caregivers and a 50% decrease in missed school days for students.

The Rhode Island team credits the Center with having a “foundational role” in the job analysis process, outlining the training domains, and determining standards for the CHW role.


Check back soon for upcoming Cohort application opportunities.

Please reach out to Amy Mullenix at or 919-843-4457 if you have questions or would like to talk about your ideas before applying.