Title V MCH Internship Program

Each summer, the National MCH Workforce Development Center supports teams of MCH students to participate in internships in state Title V programs. Each two-person team will consist of two students from one of the following MCH Bureau-funded training programs:

The aim of the Title V MCH Internship Program is to provide future MCH professionals with experience working in state Title V agencies, with mentorship and guidance from Title V agency preceptors. The ‘team’ aspect of the program allows students to engage and contribute together under the guidance of the agency preceptor and also to learn new knowledge and skills from each other.


The Center is currently preparing for summer 2020.  Please visit the pages below for detailed information for state Title V agencies and students.

State Title V Agencies


Interested Students

Please contact Arden Hander, PI of the Title V MCH Internship Program at handler@uic.edu or Cindy San Miguel, program coordinator, at csanmig2@uic.edu with questions or concerns.