System Support Mapper

The MCH System Support Mapper is an online interactive software tool for diagramming roles, responsibilities, needs, resources, and desires, and the relationships between them. Instructions to use the tool are available for download: System Support Maps_instructions_2015-04-17-2

Skills to Support the National Performance Measures

The Title V National Performance Measures (NPMs) guide MCH work and are integral to the Title V Block Grant. The National MCH Workforce Development Center developed skills and knowledge recommendations for the 15 NPMs (NPM 1, NPM 2, NPM 3, NPM 4, NPM 5, NPM 6NPM 7NPM 8NPM 9NPM 10NPM 11NPM 12NPM 13NPM 14NPM 15) and one set of foundational skills needed for all measures.

The Center developed these resources with the knowledge that technical workforce skills and evidence-based strategies are not necessarily sufficient to move the needle on outcomes; contextual factors such as challenging political environments, lack of leadership support, funding insufficiency, lack of focus, and historically inequitable programs and outcomes also influence Title V’s ability to have an impact. The NPM Skills Documents serve as a resource for addressing these contextual factors with robust workforce capacity.