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Alabama State Seal

Engagement: Single-State Intensive 2015

Challenge: Alabama developed a strategic plan to assist in aligning with changes dictated by Title V MCH 3.0 Transformation.

Project Results: The team created a strategic plan and then brought together a group of agencies/organizations to work together to develop a joint action plan.

Engagement: Cohort 2016

Challenge: Alabama conducted meetings with key stakeholders and surveyed partners to develop a 1 year action plan to realign the priority needs and performance measures of MCH programs and funding in the state with the MCH 3.0 Transformation.

Project Results: The team was able to garner stakeholder buy-in for this realignment and administration approval along with funding for an MCH coordinator to facilitate this new plan.

Engagement: Single-State Intensive 2018

Challenge:  Develop skills to implement and evaluate Alabama’s recently funded infant mortality reduction plan.

Tools: Systems tools to support complex cross-sector efforts and change management/strategic planning skills building

Project Results: Seven strategies have been identified as areas of focus to be implemented in three pilot counties. The Workforce Development Center is supporting the Alabama Department of Public Health and selected MCH partners to build the infrastructure to support this broad initiative, explicitly in the areas of evaluation, communication and implementation management.