The National MCH Workforce Development Center engages graduate and undergraduate students considering careers in public health and maternal and child health, recent MCH alumni, and interdisciplinary teachers of MCH.

We offer:

MCH Health Transformation Course

The National MCH Workforce Development Center offers an online, interdisciplinary course designed to prepare participants to contribute successfully to state and national health transformation. The course, “Applied Methods for Health Transformation Implementation in MCH”, is open to any MCH professional interested in lifelong learning AND to students enrolled in any of the MCHB-funded Graduate Education Programs to Educate the Next Generation of MCH Leaders (CoE, Catalyst, LEND, LEAH, DBP, MCH Nutrition, and PPC Programs). Course participants may elect to earn graduate credit (1 or 3-credits) or a certificate of completion.

Students and professionals benefit from engaging and interacting with each other via the online learning platform. By viewing online lectures and presentations, sharing experiences and ideas in weekly discussion forums, and responding to varied assignments, course participants gain essential competencies in evidence-based decision making, implementation, systems thinking, and change management. By having a mixed cohort of credit-seeking and certificate-seeking participants from interdisciplinary graduate programs and state Title V programs, course participants are able to network with an enthusiastic and skilled online learning community.

The course was intentionally designed as a means to bring Center knowledge, expertise, and tools into the academic setting for MCH training. Many of the weekly modules were developed in partnership with Center staff and feature recently-developed Center products, such as briefs related to MCH financing, summaries of trends in health transformation, and recorded lectures/presentations on quality improvement, systems thinking, and leadership. Having access to MCH professionals working in the field helps to illuminate the broader context for health transformation in MCH. Course participants are invited to apply their learning directly to their professional experiences and goals and to consider implications and opportunities for Title V programs.

To enroll, click here.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Greenleaf, MPH, Adjunct Faculty in the Department of MCH at UNC-CH (

Title V MCH Internship Program

(Formerly the Paired Practica Program)

The National MCH Workforce Development Center supports an annual internship opportunity for teams of MCH students to participate in internships in state Title V programs. The aim of the Title V MCH Internship Program is two-fold: 1) to support state Title V agencies in implementing a meaningful project of their choice; and, 2) to provide future MCH professionals with experience working in state Title V agencies, with mentorship and guidance from Title V agency preceptors.  The Title V MCH Internship Program is unique in that it pairs a graduate MCH student (from an academic Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health) and an MCH student from either an MCH undergraduate Pipeline program or from an MCH Catalyst graduate public health program.  Each two-person team will work together to successfully complete a project identified by their host state.

The National MCH Workforce Development Center has sponsored the Title V MCH Internship opportunity annually since summer 2014.  To review projects from past years, click on the year below.






All students participating in the Title V MCH Internship Program receive training in leadership, team-building, and mentoring as well as exposure to a variety of resources and learning modules focused on methods for responding to health transformation in Title V.  All participating graduate and undergraduate students receive a stipend from the Center.  State preceptors get support from Center Pipeline staff to facilitate the successful initiation and completion of the agreed upon scope of work.

For more information about the program, please contact Cindy San Miguel, MPH (program coordinator), and Arden Handler, DrPH (faculty),

Watch the video below to learn more about the Title V MCH Internship Program!

Call For Applications

2019 Trainee Ambassador Group (TAG)

In 2015, the Division of Maternal and Child Health Workforce Development (DMCHWD), part of the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB), established an ongoing mechanism for working collaboratively with current and recent trainees of the MCH Training Program through the Trainee Ambassador Group (TAG). The TAG is a virtual trainee work group, designed to foster connections between trainees across MCH Training Programs and to strengthen the link between trainees and MCHB. The TAG is composed of 10 trainee representatives from DMCHWD’s graduate and undergraduate education programs. Ambassadors attend monthly virtual meetings and collaborate to develop trainee-focused products.

TAG Eligibility and Time Requirements

  •       Current or former MCH trainees that have graduated within the last 5 years
  •       Applicants should demonstrate initiative and strong time-management, communication, and leadership skills
  •       Strong candidates have a proven record of collaboration, teamwork, and understanding of cultural competence
  •       Experience spearheading activities or programs is preferred
  •       A 12-month commitment is required
  •       TAG participation is 2-4 hours per month. Ambassadors receive a small honorarium at the end of the term based on their participation

 TAG Connection and Engagement Leader (CEL)

In 2018, the TAG conceptualized a new volunteer role for current trainees who are interested in fostering connections at the university level. TAG Connection and Engagement Leaders (CELs) will connect trainees at their local university’s training programs to MCH and TAG-related initiatives, news, and opportunities.

TAG CEL Eligibility and Time Requirements

  •         Current MCH trainees
  •         Applicants should demonstrate initiative and strong time-management, communication, and leadership skills
  •         A 12-month commitment is required
  •         CEL participation is approximately 1-2 hours per month

For applications and additional requirements, visit the program’s webpage.

Conferences and Events

The following conferences and events may be of interest to current MCH students and recent graduates:

Making Lifelong Connections Ninth Annual Meeting
April 3-5, 2019
Madison, Wisconsin
Let Opportunity Lead You
A National Maternal Child Health Training
This is open to all current and former trainees from MCHB funded training programs.
•Engage with current and former MCH trainees from around the country
•Enhance leadership skills
•Learn from new and seasoned professionals
•Gain presentation experience
•Develop valuable skills in articulating and reaching your career goals
This is an interactive career development and networking opportunity in the MCH Community.
Applications and additional information will be released at the end of October.

Student Resources

MCH Trainee Toolkit

We are pleased to introduce the MCH Trainee Toolkit!  We hope this resource will support your development as an MCH professional and enable continued connection with HRSA and MCHB as you navigate through your training program and embark on a path to shape the health and care of our nation’s women, children, and families.


MCH Connects

The ultimate goal of maternal and child health (MCH) professionals is to enhance the health of MCH populations. In order to achieve this goal, MCH professionals continually seek ways to improve their professional skills and engage in interdisciplinary learning. The goal of MCH Connects, an initiative developed and managed by the Trainee Ambassador Group (TAG), is to facilitate connections between current and former trainees within and across MCH training programs so that they can engage in collaborative learning. By participating in MCH Connects, mentors and mentees have the opportunity to:

  • Develop a positive working relationship and sense of commitment
  • Foster a system of support (i.e., guidance and constructive feedback)
  • Foster professional development and growth
  • Facilitate networking
  • Pass knowledge on to the future public health workforce

Click here to access the MCH Connects directory, and use the password easy123


MCHB Trainee Resources Webpage

  • Consolidated list of MCH trainee resources, including links to sign up for the trainee listserv, trainee reflections on MCH Training experiences, and job and fellowship opportunities.
  • Fact sheet with links to MCH-funded training programs and 2012-2020 national goals.


MCHB MCH Trainee Webinar Series

Two webinars specific to trainees:

MCH Navigator

This learning portal for maternal and child health professionals, students, and others working to improve the health and well-being of women, children, and families:

  • enhances access to public health MCH learning resources by “matching” learner needs with learning paths.
  • complements formal institutionally-based undergraduate and graduate education program in maternal and child health.

MCH Navigator Assessment

Mapped to MCH Leadership Competencies, this assessment allows MCH trainees to determine the areas in which they need development so they can identify appropriate training opportunities. To facilitate this, the Navigator links the competency items examined in the MCH Leadership Skills Self-Assessment with relevant learning opportunities.


MCH Library at Georgetown

Provides access to critical resources for leaders and the workforce in state Title V agencies, communities, health professionals, educators, researchers, policymakers, and families to facilitate changing policies and activities.

Of particular interest to trainees, a variety of Knowledge Paths provide recent, high quality resources and tools to learn more about a variety of topics, conduct further research, locate training resources, develop programs, and stay abreast of new developments.


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