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Customized Workforce Development

The National Maternal and Child Health Workforce Center provides team-tailored skills development and assistance to Title V agencies tackling tough health transformation challenges.

In the six years since our founding, we have partnered with 45 states and jurisdictions to tackle issues such as:

  • Infant mortality
  • Developmental screening
  • Bullying
  • Family engagement
  • Transitioning to population health services

Partnership Opportunities

Engagements include an 8-month coach-supported cohort experience, customized short-term partnerships, and an internship program that matches agencies with students interested in Title V experience.

Coaches work with teams in a relaxed and collaborative environment to develop workforce skills and tools that apply directly to the healthcare challenge. Training materials are accessible and responsive to professional priorities.


Apply to Join the 2021 Cohort

Working in a Title V agency in 2021 is no easy task; from the COVID-19 pandemic to the naming of racism as a public health crisis, there are numerous challenges to navigate.

  • Do you have a particular problem or challenge that could benefit from an expert eye?
  • Are you interested in centering equity in your work?
  • Would you like help thinking strategically about how to respond to COVID-19?
  • Have you been struggling to navigate the transformations happening in public health and health care?
  • Do you have a “wicked” problem or complex challenge that might benefit from tailored technical assistance and ongoing support?

The Cohort 2021 learning opportunity provides guidance and structured support to move from the ‘current state’ to the ‘desired state’ on an MCH health priority challenge of your choice.

The National MCH Workforce Development Center invites state/jurisdictional Title V agencies to submit applications for its upcoming Cohort learning opportunity. Accepted teams will participate in a 7-month Cohort with other state/jurisdictional teams, during which time the Center will support their work on an existing (or planned) transformational challenge as a way to increase workforce skills and capacity.

Mini-Course in Resiliency and Adaptive Leadership

March 2020

Join Jeannine Herrick, Senior Staff at the MCH WDC, to learn more about how to lead in challenging times.

The mini-course is a short recording in nine parts. Each section focuses on a different leadership tool to help you think through your leadership work right now:

    1. Introduction
    2. Adaptive Leadership
    3. Sphere of Influence
    4. Trust and Creative Problem-solving
    5. Stepping Forward as a Leader
    6. Thinking Big – Assuming an Adaptive Mindset
    7. Thinking Through Change as a Practice
    8. Phasing your change
    9. 10 Tips for Leaders of Transformative Efforts During the Current Crisis

Take time to support yourself as a leader. Give yourself time to think and plan. Adapting under stress is hard; the sense of crisis and urgency can push us into missing options, making rash decisions, limiting ourselves, and getting caught up in technical thinking that misses the big picture opportunities.

This mini-course will help.

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Featured MCH Navigator Trainings

For an introduction to some of the tools our Center offers, please visit MCH Navigator. This online repository of self-guided resources allows you to build a self-paced multi-media program that can enhance your skills in the Center’s areas of expertise.

Asset Mapping: Starting System Change With What You Already Have

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Strategies for Developing Engaging Online Learning