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Engagement: Cohort 2018

Challenge: Build collaboration around the state’s breastfeeding alliance and shift program efforts from disease management to population health.

Tools: Impact Matrix, Brain Writing, Network Mapping, 30-30s

Project Results: Helped the breastfeeding alliance build on existing partnerships by clarifying the alliance’s role within the partnerships. Strengthened equity efforts among members of the alliance by making it central to the alliance’s efforts.

Outcome: The breastfeeding partnership has built a solid partnership with the state’s schools and universities to become a leader in providing breastfeeding education to students. Ensuring a consistent, evidence-based approach underlies all of the alliance’s trainings and partnerships.

“We planned and strategized more deeply as a team because we had a framework and tools by which to do that. […] When we’re mapping our networks really intentionally and thinking about where we have power and influence, I think we are able to plan more deeply and more effectively.” – Eric, Indiana Office of Public Health Performance Management