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Engagement: Cohort 2018

Challenge: Clarify public health role in bullying prevention activities throughout the state through a) creating support for effective implementation of selected drivers from HRSA MCHB Bullying Prevention Change Package, b) increasing effective partnerships: law enforcement, schools, health care providers, c) ensure child death review team considers bullying in initial death investigation, and d) plan for bullying education & evidence-based recommendations to partners.

Engagement: Cohort 2014

Challenge: Improve the MCH workforce capacity and knowledge for its role in health transformation. The state team first piloted the Title V State Access to Care Assessment tool, and then assessed their capacity to impact access to care with a large stakeholder group.

Tools: Impact Matrix

Project Results: Built a shared Title V Value Proposition for eligibility and enrollment, continuity of care, provider network and network adequacy, coverage and insurance benefits, and partnerships between stakeholders (Title V, Medicaid, CHIP, and Marketplace). The team used their findings to develop an impact matrix, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop a shared action plan to support local and state action.